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Micro Purification & Filtration

Ultra light-weight and proven

Remove pathogen viruses and chemicals compounds in water

  • Instant purified filtered water - up to 1600 litres - 400 gallons
  • Auto-shutdown always protects
  • Over 4m sales worldwide including Red Cross & peacekeeping forces -75,000 systems sent to Haiti Disaster Relief and Japan - May 2011
  • Tested in Australia, South Africa, USA and UK
  • Serviceable filter cartridge
  • Auto shutdown system that will always protect
  • MoD spec tested technology for: Anthrax, Pathogen, Protozoa and viruses > 99.9% removal

UK Tests Include:

Environment Agency

National Laboratory Service


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New in 2024

FOLDING Micro purification bottle system

TRAVEL TAP FOLDING Filter Bottle - Folds up / Ultralight / Tough and ultra compact ..........

Travel Tap

Travel Tap

Travel Tap

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drinkSAFE products make practical gift ideas that can be used, stored and re-used e.g:

Waterstraw for emergency use

Popular Travel Tap bottles are multi-functioning, unlike hard bottles that ONLY rely on mouth suction

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We ship same day for all orders received before 1600 HRS GMT.

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 'Triple action' systems :

Remove threat from Pathogen , Virus phage , cryptosporidium, E- Coli , Cholera , Salmonella, protozoa and reduce chemicals and compounds incl fluoride and chlorine and sediment

Use - Store and re-use - again and again

UK Govt Agency and worldwide tested

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Product Features

Ultra Light Feature Immediate Use
Auto Shutdown Feature Robust For Travel Use
Fast Flow Filtration Filter Replaceable

1 Year Warranty