Patented Technology Water FilterTechnology -

Drinksafe-systems use patented filter bottle technologies.

Advanced for worldwide use  where water is treated and untreated, this constitutes  our current line up in Travel Tap bottles, Eco stainless bottles , Explorer canteens, Waterstraws, Aquaguard micro  '3 in 1',  and Tapsafe products.

About Advanced:  The filter is a highly complex device and must trap and retain debris, attract and absorb chemicals and compounds, removing the threat from causes of disease and sickness that may be found in freshwater sources.

Unlike other systems our tests were conducted on live disease causes and were proven to remove threats instantly - conducted by UK Government Environment Agency National Laboratory Service.

35 years quality water technology expertise 4 million worldwide sales

The purified water filter used by drinksafe-systems is the result of 35 years water technology expertise provided by a USA company and tested worldwide.

Over 4 million filter systems have been made and supplied to peacekeeping forces, Aid Agencies including the Red Cross and overseas missions – delivering safe clean tasting water worldwide. 75,000 units were shipped 2010 Haiti Disaster Relief .

Multi Stages of water processing purified filtered water – Instantly

Drinksafe-systems purified water filter systems contain multi stages of water processing technology; These include patented ABSOLUTE filtration for the life of the filter, with Environmental Protection Agency purification media pre purification and chemical absorbing media inbuilt into every system; Combined these are proven to exclude threat from pathogens, protozoa, schistomas, spores and viruses that are the causes of disease and sickness from untreated water sources – often the result of human and animal interference. In 2010 integrated covalent bonding technology is built into each filter with biosafe media.

A biosafe antimicrobial media has been added to all drinkSAFE-systems filters. It is safe, non-toxic and non-leaching; EPA, FDA and NSF approved. It acts like a “pincushion” of molecules that are permanently bonded to the filter that disrupts and ruptures the cell structures of water borne micro-organisms;It's biostatic effect reduces bacteria to 99.99%.  The biosafe media  has an indefinite shelf life.

Purified Filtered WaterClean tasting clear water can be dangerous

The effects of drinking clear looking clean tasting water from untreated water or dubious tap sources can be debilitating and manifest the onset of sickness in minutes or in some cases months. Even ice improperly handled can contain a cocktail of disease and sickness causes.

Feeling unwell is unpleasant and in some cases leads to loss of water through sickness and diahorea – the body needs to re-hydrate safely and drinksafe-systems offer this proven ability.

Disease causes that may be found in untreated water

Causes of disease and sickness that might be found in freshwater include vibrio cholerae, Campylobacter , Salmonella, Shigella, and the diarrheogenic E-Coli , Cryptosporidium , giardia , bilhazia from parasitics in snails, weils‘ disease, Norwalk , and many others. Drinksafe-systems are the only portable systems to have been UK Govt laboratory tested for instant removal of Anthrax. (UK MoD testing) .

About the filter system

Inbuilt micro purification will last for the life of the filter and proven to remove treat from viruses in water on a successive basis. Special media absorbs water treatment chemicals and other chemicals that may be found in surface runoff- fertilizers , pesticides and herbicides and the filters have been specifically tested for removal of these.

Hypothyroidism and medical conditions

Drinksafe Systems use patented filters and media that is successively proven to remove chemicals that may be used in water treatment plants and localized purification that should be reassuring to those with hypothyroidism / thyroid conditions or using the products if pregnant. We strongly advise that in these cases as with any specific medical condition you seek appropriate medical advice and guidance if using any additional water purification treatment product.

Drinksafe Systems contain inbuilt anti bacterial media that enables re-use following storage.

Instant Safe Clean Tasting Purified WaterMulti Purpose - What Drinksafe Systems products do:

  • Instant safe clean tasting purified filtered water
  • Remove threat from waterborne causes of disease and sickness
  • Remove and reduce chemicals and chemical compounds that may be found in untreated and treated water
  • Make water safe to drink and clean tasting

Where use: From any freshwater source in the world

River, stream , lake or tap – any freshwater supply

Drinksafe systems supply -                                        

Avoid turbid water - Will filter up to 1600 litres water
Turbid water sediment will clog all filters                                                                                                                 Turbid water to clean tasting and safe

Instantly removes and reduces:

Chemicals, herbicides, pesticides purification chemicals where used in water treatment, Taste, sediments and trace metals

Instant removal of disease causes that may be found in water

Harmful bacteria, protozoa, schistomas and viruses. These include cryptosporidium occysts, giardia, E-coli, viruses , anthrax

Multi purpose:

Easy to use Fill and GO: Load other drink containers with safe quality drinking water

Ideal for First Aid: Flushing wounds and grazes Irrigating eyes and hydration if sick

Brushing teeth: (often overlooked) Personal hygiene

Auto-Shutdown always protects until filter life end

Environmentally friendly

Bought bottle tasting water wherever you are - Saving the environment

Do’s and Dont’s

Do always try and source clearest water – it will improve the life expectancy of your water filter

Avoid allowing filter to freeze as this will impede water flow. Insulating the filter bottles or products will help prevent this. For Travel Tap bottles  our optional insulated carriers are available. These feature multi layer materials with encapsulated foam mid layer and silver 'Reflecton'  inner liner useful for hot and cold conditions.

If water has frozen to filter allow filter to thaw naturally - Do NOT use hot water , however tepid warm water  added to bottle will accelerate thawing if filter left in contact with this for over 15 minutes. 

Sediment in water:   Some  acidic peaty colour may remain - pathogen removal is constant

Where water is turbid or sedimented good practice is to surface skim water or let allow sediments to settle in a container for 10 minutes before pouring into your drinksafe system

a. Water is unclear and contains sediment 
b. Leave water for 10 minutes to allow sediment to settle
c. Pour settled water into drinksafe-system

The system has been tested up to 3200 litres and proven to still remove contaminants in water however muddy water will severely restrict filter life expectancy  which in extreme conditions may procure 100 litres safe drinking water.

Survival situations

Brackish water but note that system will clog with salts – Best avoid and source water upstream

Urine Tested by UK Marines and all survived -Again offers limited survival potential in extreme conditions

Note: Testing or passing anything but freshwater will not provide evidence of filters ability to remove threat from disease causes that may be found in water such as  harmful bacteria, protozoa, schistomas, viruses and anthrax that the UK Govt spent over 3 months of continuous testing including reduction chemicals and compounds that may be found in groundwater and treated water.