15th November

I just love the water tap and have recommended it to other cyclists. In my previous trip it served me well for over two years so I was gutted when I lost it somewhere in Uganda.

I don't buy water bottles because I don't want to leave a trail of plastic behind me so the water tap is one of my most precious pieces of kit.

Thank you again and all the best




I bought 'Travel Taps' for my two eldest children for their gap year travels, and this one is for my youngest daughter who will soon be departing for Indonesia and India.  I think it is a brilliant product.


Nigel Milverton

September 19th

I recieved my recent order of the Drinksafe Travel Tap quickly and without hassle. i love this bottle- the freedom it grants me while living in SE Asia and participating in outer sports has improved my life more than I could have imagined. Plus it is economically and environmentally responsible! The bottle is the envy of fellow expats and adrenaline junkies. I especially like the small size and long life of the filter and the squeezability of the water bottle, which allows me to use it for brushing teeth, cleaning scrapes, brewing tea, anything!  Bravo!
Thank you again.

-Krista Blaser

July 29th

I have not bought a bottle of water since I purchased this item so far  have filtered (tap water) in Brazil , Hong Kong, Australia, USA, Ukraine , Russia , Germany , Mexico , UK , Portugal and Japan ..... without any issues at all . It has become a good companion on my trips .

Eric Norell , Sweden

July 24th

Waterbag: The filter we bought in 2012 served us well through 2 months in Brunei , Malaysia and Thailand with our 2 kids. We are going back to Asia, India , now with 3 kids and plan to use the filter again but have mislaid the little tap for the end of the tube -

We sent a replacement

May 4th

Eco Stainless 'Fill 2 Pure'

I bought the Eco stainless filter bottle with 'storm grey' cover for use on our tropical forest expeditions and it has been absolutely blooming brilliant. So far I've used it for drinking tap, river and rain water in places all over Indonesia (from Sumatra to West Papua) on trips that last for a month at a time. It has saved the use of countless plastic bottles, you don't have to worry about going out to get bottled water as soon as you arrive in a place and I've haven't been ill once from drinking the water through the filter - really impressive! I've recommended the product to lots of my colleagues now and they have used other Drinksafe models with the same level of success. M. Briggs, Botanist, London UK"

April 23rd

From Africa ref Tapsafe:

Wow! I would just like to say Thank You! I am currently living in Africa and using your filter everyday. It has saved me so much money! The water tastes great! Wow! just Wow! Thank you so much - the best filter I have ever used. Danielle Face.

18th April  Travel Tap bottle

Dear Sir , My wife and I have just returned from a 6 day walk over the Brecon Beacons, we used your purification bottle many times and it was briliant. Cool drinkable  water without having to carry it for miles. This allowed us to keep our pack weight down and stay hydrated . Best £30.00 we have spent i ages. Our thanks Brian and Debbie Thornton

February 3  New Eco stainless filter bottle

I am soon to return from India. The Rickshaw Run was a great success and lots of money was raised for a great cause. Also a great success was the ECO Bottle as I am sure you knew it would be. We used them all over India, with water sources from guest house taps, village water-butts, wells, etc. and all with no 'Delhi Belly' contracted, so thanks once again. A great product.

Kindest regards,

Owen Terry - Rickshaw Run for Charity

January 19th

Thanks for sending the additional information about the Travel Tap.
I've been using it very successfully around South America - and last week took it with me to Antarctica:) i thought you might like the pic of the water bottle as we entered the Lemaire Channel on the Antarctic Peninsular.

I'm really glad to use the tap - it gives me peace of mind whereever I travel and knowing I have access to healthy drinking water is a relief to know.


Ref Travel Tap 10th August

Thank you! The water bottles were invaluable - we felt comfortable when taking to areas (of Zambia) where the only source water was from a bore hole and none of us  got ill- which was such a relief. Lucy Atkinson Volunteer Nurse - Lemon Tree Foundation UK

Explorer Canteen 8th August 6,

I thought it only right to write to you regarding your excellent product - the Explorer Canteen. My wife and I use it extensively during our travels throughout Namibia in April/May 2010. We used it for all our drinking and cleaning needs and despite being in some really 'rural' areas using local water we had no problems health wise then or now. We had none of the usual traveller's tummy and would strongly recommend it to anyone who may contact us through you (so as to avoid an open email address).
Larry and Gwenda Hatter
Ashford.Kent UK

Waterstraw and Waterbag 4th August

Just a quicknote to say the waterbag and waterstraw purchased were field tested on a wild camping trip in Snowdonia and very good they are too.

A relief tofind this essential kit is indeed fit for purpose and unlike the *******,no chemical taste and far less effort expended in water acquisition.

Cheers JonTainton

June 17th Aquaguard Eliminator Inline hydration system:

I just wanted to say a big  thank you for protecting me from harm on my recent trip to Everest base camp.

I bought one of your systems to fit in my Camelbak and it worked a treat. Not once did I feel ill and used it on the tap to clean teeth as well ! I even supplied water to others in the team as they were sick of treated water and couldn't believe it tasted so nice. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone and I am suggesting a friend who is going to Killi next year buys his system from you........... Most of the time it lived in the rucksack. Even some Royal Marine Commando's that were on the trip and had recently had tours in Afgan were impressed as their systems were not as good. One got very ill !

Paul Taylor


Military Comments

"Brilliant -These are Gucci- No more bad taste from my Camelback the water tastes like bottled mineral water."

"The Groundbase waterbag is just the biz- It fits in my hydration system a treat - A real lifesaver and great to fill up my reservoir with quality purified filtered water."

- From Serving soldiers in Afgahistan and Iraq

"Without a single occurrence of tummy upset or related symptom. Not only were the team confident in the filters performance but were also impressed by the total omission of taste from water which would normally have to be treated by filtering, sterilising and boiling to make safe."

- M.G. Helliwell Lt Cmdr, HMS Sultan Royal Navy Survival School (Everest Trek 2000)

"During the 25 day trek to the Everest region of Nepal, water consumption was very high and dehydration a major concern. The ability to utilize any available water source was therefore an excellent way to reduce our dependence on prepared water ... It was safe, very convenient and all gained confidence in their use as the expedition progressed."

- UK Supreme Commandos


UK Supreme Commandos

"..... Following the devastation of Hurricane Mitch... These filters saved our lives. I'm sure in two ways: firstly by giving us peace of mind .... secondly providing the pure H2O we were able to drink."

- Steve Chandler MD. Kaiser Permanente Hematology/Oncology (1999)

"My husband and I recently returned from a trip in North West Nicaragua. We were really impressed with your product, in fact it became a vital piece of equipment in our work at the clinic. We know it works."

- Liz Brookes RMN RGN LNWCH

"Just a note to thank you for your help and to let you know what good you have done with your filtration bottles. The thousand bottles were passed out to all the relief workers in Acapulco, and I believe we have not seen one case of dysentery at the med-evac centre, where our workers are normally treated."

- Carolina Jones RN, Director of relief efforts - La Cruz Roja Nacional de Mexico



"I spent 6 weeks in 12 African countries ... and have had no health problems at all. I have never known anything that can filter out micro organisms as this filter does. It is unique. I was amazed and am grateful.

- E. Baron, University professor. Brigham Young University

"Thank you for keeping our intestines happy."

- Robyn Bennacasa and Ian Adamson, Team Saloman Eco Challenge Race

"... From the moment the bottle was demonstrated to me I was sold on it ... at 9700ft, our headcamp, my friends' expensive $140.00 failed to the point of disintergration ... leaves you worn out from pumping water through the dense ceramic filter ... I grabbed my bottle, and in no time had filtered all the water we could need."

- Euan MCleod, Idaho USA

"... the bottles were used daily to purify water from public water supply sources, as well as mountain streams and rivers. Not only did they work effectively and prevent any of us from getting sick, but their ease of use made drinking the recommended necessary daily water amount as simple as filling the bottle."

- Steve Whitmeyer, Boston University

"I am totally convinced this is an essential piece of kit for anyone, professional or amateur, who has to survive on natural water supplies. The flexibility of not having to carry heavy loads of water, but just filling the bottle from a stream and in minutes enjoying clean drinking water WITHOUT any chemical taste,was superb ...... I would recommend it, without reservation, to anyone seriously involved in or considering outdoor pursuits."

- UPH Ltd. UK


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