Worldwide Testing

Instant Filtration DiagramUK and Worldwide Tested 

UK Government Agency :       

  National Laboratory Service tested -  part of
  UK Environment Agency

Additional testing Australia , USA, South Africa

Tested portable purified water filter systems

  • Instant clean tasting purified filtered water
  • Remove threat from waterborne causes of disease and sickness
  • Remove and reduce chemicals and chemical compounds that may be found in untreated and treated water
  • Make water safe to drink and clean tasting
  • Include UK MoD spec testing for immediate Anthrax removal


Worldwide testing conducted by the following:

Tested In

Tests carried out

Pictures of Contaminants



Path Labs

Nedlands Australia 100% cryptosporidium Instant removal ISO 17025  

South Africa




Microbiological testing Staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas aerugenosa, E-coli, Salmonella typhi and vibrio cholera


E-Coli Cholera Bacteria


County of Los Angeles – Bio Var – Broward County - CTL National Testing Labs Ohio - SGS and others

ANSI/ NSF protocols 53 EPA 42 and 43 Reductions chemicals compounds metals fertilizers, herbicides, nitrates, Representative full chemical suite analysis Radon 222

Microbiological including pathogens protozoa Giardia, cryptosporidium, Strepptococcus, Sediment


Giardia Cryptospridium

United Kingdom Instant removal Successive testing (UKAS)

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 2000

Microbiological Poliovirus and E- Coli (non successive)


UK Govt Environment Agency Full representative Chemical/ metal suite reduction tests Inorganics and Organics - includes herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, Chlorides, fluorides (Successive instant )  
National Laboratory Service

Representational successive live disease causative testing Pathogens incl E- Coli , Protozoa - Cryptsporidium occysts, E–faecalis, viruses (Successive Instant)


MoD spec tests

Anthrax (Successive Instant)


Successive water flow tests removal/reduction of chemicals including purification chemicals that may be found in treated water. These included hypothyroidism/ thyroid tests for inbuilt purification EPA resin elution (successive tests) and where added to source water (successive tests).

EPA NSF tests for contaminant removal up to 1600 litres (USA)

Anthrax Bacteria


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Other worldwide tests – Over 60 tests have been conducted throughout the world  

Supplied to:

  • Aid Agencies including Red Cross 
  • Peacekeeping forces Special forces USA Dept Homeland Security